Like crowns, bridges or dentures, dental implants are used to restore broken or lost teeth. They serve a number of different functions. Here are some advantages of dental implants:

Eating- Implants restore chewing to an efficiency comparable to natural teeth. In other words, it lets you enjoy your food without having to worry about chewing on or swallowing your denture.

Speech- Implants are as stable as healthy, natural teeth. They allow for clear speech and pronunciation.

Comfort- Unlike dentures that sit on the gums, implants are planted into the gums just like real teeth. This eliminates gum irritation and pain of exposed nerves. Implants feel just like real teeth, which can make you forget that they are actually artificial.

Self-esteem- Ill-fitting dentures and loosened crowns or bridges can be uncomfortable, both physically and emotionally. With implants, there's no need to worry about this because your teeth are planted to feel like natural teeth.

Aesthetics- Implants enhance a person's appearance by adding teeth to the toothless. It is difficult to determine a dental implant from a natural tooth without an x-ray.

Convenience- Unlike dentures, implants don't have to be removed routinely for cleaning. Dental implants are also easier to clean than dental bridges. Like with natural teeth, simple brushing, flossing, and regular dental visits are the only requirements to keep implants and the gums surrounding them at their healthiest condition.

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