Dr. Glenn Chang received his Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree from the University of Southern California (USC) after completing a Ph.D. program at University of Texas, Austin. He then continued on at USC to receive additional Periodontal and Implant Surgical training to obtain a dental specialty certificate in Advanced Periodontology. He currently serves as a part-time clinical instructor at the Advanced Periodontics Department at USC.

Dr. Chang's passion and doctoral research was focused on Medical Biomaterials, specifically in artificial bone graft for medical and dental use. Dr. Chang has published several articles in both biomaterials and clinical dentistry. He is currently still engaged in clinical research in both the academic and private office settings. Dr. Chang dedicates his enthusiasm in both patient care and research to try to advance the evolving implant technology. Dr. Chang believes that, by doing research on improving implant designs, surgical techniques, and biomaterials, as well as participating in direct patient care, he will be able to contribute his best to modern implant dentistry.

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